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Just under your log-in name on the top left side of this page,  
click "payment due" button to renew membership.

Join CPSDA online
  in 3 easy steps

The online application process for joining CPSDA is an easy three-step process that takes about five minutes. Annual membership dues in 2013 are $60 for Professional and Associate Members and $40 for students of dietetics.  Beginning January 1, 2014, the annual membership fee for "Professional" CPSDA members will rise to $100 on the anniversary date of the time joined, which reflects the cost of adding "Central Desktop" (internal communications delivery system) to the membership benefits for "Professionals." See the "Central Desktop" tab at for more information, including an "opt-in" option for "Associate Health Care" members of CPSDA for the same $100 annual dues as "Professionals."  Central Desktop is not available to students of dietetics, whose 2014 membership dues will remain at $40.  

The CPSDA by-laws require that the CPSDA Board of Directors may request employment status and Sports RD work history to validate status of members in the "Professional" category of membership.  And students of dietetics may be required to validate school enrollment after you've applied and made payment for membership.   Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards accepted.  Sorry, but American Express and DEBIT CARDS NOT ACCEPTED.  Checks for membership can be mailed to CPSDA: c/o Timothy Communications Inc, 38 E. Lucas Drive, Palos Hills, IL  60465 Attn: John LeGear, CPSDA Operations.

New members should expect an invitation to join the CPSDA "members only" listserv within 72 hours of joining.  Existing members who change their e-mail address should update their CPSDA member profile (often done when renewing membership) and, inportantly, send an alert to the following e-mail address to change your e-mail address on our listserv:

Upon joining online, you'll receive an E-mail with a printed receipt confirming your membership and the amount paid.

To apply for CPSDA membership: 
  1. Click the Member sign-up button on the menu bar to your left and choose the appropriate category of membership.  Please take care to choose the most appropriate membership category (to learn more visit our "Join CPSDA" page at
  2. Fill out the application online and make sure to use one of the types of credit card approved by CPSDA. Your E-mail address will be added to the CPSDA ListServ within 3 business days of joining. Look for an automatic E-mail verifying your membership immediately upon signing up. 
  3. CPSDA makes every effort to verify you're in the proper category of membership, but we rely entirely on volunteer staff to do so.  If you're not quite sure, please inquire further either by E-mailing us at or calling our administrative offices at 708-974-3153. Thank you.